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All You Need To Know About Pliers

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Whether you are an expert at fixing things or not, chances are someone at your home is. A vast majority of the people generally have their own toolboxes for fixing things around the house. A plier set is one of the tools present in those toolboxes. A plier can be defined as a tool used to bend, compress, and hold things in place. A plier set consists of multiple pliers, each with a different design and purpose. Let's get a proper understanding of these pliers and how they work. 


Types of Pliers

Pliers can be divided into eleven types, namely:


  1. Slip Joint Pliers

These pliers are not only used for bending and cutting soft nails and wires but also for crumpling metals. They consist of a slip joint instead of a rivet secured at the fulcrum. This creates a type of axis that can be altered to make both sides of the plier move which causes the jaws of the plier to open wide.

  1. Needle Nose Pliers

Needle nose pliers, as the names suggest, have unusually long and pointed jaws that are capable of performing several tasks. They are most commonly used in jewelry making projects, fishing, and crumpling or twisting wires, etc.


  1. Bent Nose Pliers

Bent nose pliers aren't very different from needle-nose pliers. Their name alone is enough to define their features just like needle-nose pliers. The jaws of a bent nose plier are, as the name suggests, bent. And just like needle nose pliers, bent nose pliers are also used in jewelry making, electrical work, bending or twisting wires and other materials as well as work in areas where a normal needle nose plier fails to do its job.


  1. Tongue and Groove Pliers
    This type of pliers is similar to slip joint pliers in the fact that it can also be altered. However, the width of the jaws of tongue and groove pliers is wider than that of slip-joint pliers. This width can be adjusted by adjusting the position of the plier based on the size of the item they're being used on.


  1. Fencing Pliers

The name of these pliers is quite self-explanatory. Their major function is to cut different types of wires used in fences.


  1. Grommet Pliers

When it comes to functions, grommet pliers are no different from a paper punch machine. The only difference lies in the material being a punch, i.e., grommet pliers are used for punching holes in metals, canvasses, and tarps, etc.


  1. Oil Filter Pliers

These pliers, as per their name, are specifically designed for changing oil filters.


  1. Hose Clamp Pliers

These pliers are quite the multi-taskers. They come in a wide range of designs and perform many functions. The most common function of the hose clamp pliers is to compress and secure spring and hose clamps to a point where they can no longer be disconnected.


  1. Locking Pliers
    Locking pliers are another version of multitaskers. Their names refer to their ability to wrap their jaws around materials like nuts, bolts, and other materials that need to be gipped firmly in order to be fixed.


  1. Break Spring Pliers

These pliers have only two purposes behind their creation, i.e., separating springs from drum brakes and replacing them with new ones.


    Flat Nose Pliers

Flat nose pliers are not only the best option for electrical and mechanical tasks but also perfect for bending metals and wires etc.


Each of the aforementioned pliers is meant for a certain purpose and can prove to be quite beneficial when you’re faced with the challenge of fixing things at home all by yourself. Getting a plier set, even if you don’t need it right now, is a worthy purchase.


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